SeaVenture Celebrates Holiday Cheer

POSTED ON December 23rd, 2011 - by lauren

Can you believe that 2011 is shortly coming to a close? As we come roaring into 2012 we have the chance to reflect on the year we had and what the future may bring to us.   December allows us the time to gather, reflect and rejoice in all that we have. It also is a time that we are able to give to others.

SeaVenture management and staff joined together to collect food for the San Luis Obispo Food Bank this year at our annual Holiday Party.  It was so impressive to see the staff, one after another, coming in with bag after bag of canned goods and non-perishable items.   Tables for each department became stacked high, so much we had to add on other tables to hold everything!  Bags and boxes were packed up and delivered to the Food Bank at the conclusion of our party.  What a great feeling to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Running a restaurant and always having a full walk in of food, as well as what I find in my own pantry and home refrigerator often makes us forget about how plentiful most of us have it.   However, just not in other countries, but right here at home,  many suffer.

Here’s to wishing you a Holiday Season filled with cheer, reflection, good tidings, true meanings, helping others, and togetherness.  May those ideals carry with us not only at this time of the year, but all the year through.

In Celebration of the Famous Pismo Clam

POSTED ON October 13th, 2011 - by lauren

In celebration of the 65th Annual Pismo Beach Clam Festival, some interesting facts about the Pismo Clam and the large part of history it carries for Pismo Beach.

Did you know?
The Pismo Clam is one of the largest types of clams found along the California Coast. These clams can reach up to several inches in length, with the largest Pismo Clam being on record at seven and three-eights inches long and around 26 years old.

These specific clams are credited for bringing in an enormous amount of tourism to the Pismo Beach area. It was believed that at one time an estimated 150,000 people once sought out these clams in Pismo Beach during a single weekend. Now, however, due to many hungry Sea Otters, the amounts of clams that can be found on the beach of Pismo has dramatically decreased. Also, in 1986 a “No Fishery” rule for clams was imposed, as a way to try and preserve most of these clams.

Although the clam can be found sometimes in entrances to bays, sloughs and estuaries, they are most commonly found on broad, sandy beaches that have strong surf.

Every October the City of Pismo Beach holds their annual “Clam Festival”, as a way to honor and celebrate all that the Pismo Clam has done for the City. This is a two day long celebration and has numerous activities and events for people of all ages. This year’s festival kicks off on Saturday, October 15, with a surf contest, The Clam Festival Parade, The Famous Clam Chowder Cook Off, and a Beer and Wine Pub on the pier.

On Sunday, October 16, there will be a clam dig for kids 11 and under, a “Surf and Bubbles” event, and a Beer and Wine Pub again on the pier. Both days will also have live music, vendors and great entertainment as well.

Stop in to the SeaVenture or sample our tasty clam chowder and join in the Pismo Beach tradition!

Catch A Wave with AmpSurf

POSTED ON May 11th, 2011 - by lauren

There must be something magic about surfing, healing and fulfilling. We know so many people who have made surfing one of the most important parts of their lifestyle and they keep it forever. It’s more than just an athletic activity.

Now, thanks to Ampsurf, disabled Americans, veterans and others, can make surfing part of their lifestyle, too. Ampsurf instructors can help disabled people (whatever the disability) get in the water to learn the rewards and personal fulfillment of surfing.

Ampsurf Has a Mission

Ampsurf is an unusual organization. It’s a non-profit (a 501 c3) driven by volunteers and small tax deductable donations from ordinary people and sponsors, based in San Luis Obispo. It has a narrow, focused mission:

We are a Non-Profit Organization made up of amputees, veterans and friends and family of the disabled. We want to promote,inspire, educate and rehabilitate people with disabilities, especially our veteran heroes, through adaptive surfing and fun safe outdoor activities all can participate in.

It will do your heart good to take a look at Ampsurf. We could use more organizations like this.

You Can Help

SeaVenture supports Ampsurf as a sponsor Ampsurf both as a resort hotel and as part of the Boutique Hotel Group.

There’s lots of ways you can help too. Of course, you can donate directly on their website, or you can sign up as a volunteer to help with events or as an instructor (are you one of those lucky people who surf?). You can even buy apparel on their website.

Wine and Waves DO Mix in this Event

We are offering another great way to participate in Ampsurf by combining it with the outstanding Wine Waves and Beyond event in Pismo Beach. This very limited special includes two tickets to Wine, Waves & Beyond, with the proceeds benefitting Ampsurf. Treat yourself and help a great group of people at the same time.

Happy Holidays from SeaVenture Resort

POSTED ON December 17th, 2010 - by lauren

Can you believe that a week from today is Christmas Eve?  I surely don’t know where the month of December went, much less 2010!  In this hectic time of year our days are filled with; running around, decorating, cooking, baking, shopping for the perfect gift for your loved one, gathering with friends and family, and travelling to and fro. Hopefully, there is some time in the holiday chaos where you are able to stop and think about the year that is soon to end and the one soon to begin.

SeaVenture employees and managers kicked off the season spreading joy and goodwill with a wonderful holiday party.  This year we mixed things up a little bit and did a baking contest.  Boy, do we have some talented employees!  We had so many wonderful sweet treats.  Giuseppe’s fine Italian food provided the catering and we had enough delicious Italian food to last us atleast a week! It was a joyous and festive occasion, and so special to all be able to gather together like this.

Every day each and every one of us at the SeaVenture enter our prime Pismo Beach beachfront location to put in a days work of making sure each and every guest has the most perfect experience while staying with us. When we stop for a moment and take a minute from our very important jobs of making beds, doing laundry, checking in guests, preparing a wedding reception meal, booking groups of travellers and ultimately making a guests experience the best ever, there is so much to see.  It is no wonder that so many of our guests find this to be such a treasured and true destination for them.  One fall evening a few weeks ago, I walked down from my office to the most stunning of fall sunsets I think I have seen in all my years here.  What a most remarkable place to work, to have guests stay and experience, to create special memories that last a lifetime, stories to pass down to generations, and to have the ability invite others to place their toes in our lovely stretch of Pismo Beach and feel the good life.

To you and yours… From SeaVenture Staff and Management, we wish you the happiest of holidays and look forward to welcoming you back time and time again in 2011. From the beach, Cheers!

Toty Viola and Chronic Cellars Unite for Friday Wine Nights

POSTED ON February 19th, 2010 - by lauren

Two fabulous individuals collide into one tonight at the SeaVenture Restaurant. Toty Viola acclaimed jazz guitarist and vocalist, known for his authentic international flavor, originally from Italy, landing in Florida and now settling down on the Central Coast makes his premiere performance tonight in our ocean view restaurant. You can find out more about Toty at

And Chronic Cellars, featuring winemaker, Josh Beckett originating from Peachy Canyon Winery will be out pouring his most delightfully tasty blends. I have had the opportunity to personally sample some of his wines and they are original and complex and very good drinking, and besides that, his wine labels are fun and fascinating. If you aren’t able to make it out to the SeaVenture Restaurant tonight, make sure to stop by his tasting room off Nacimiento Lake Drive in Paso Robles and try a few of his wines out. Definately worth your while. Take a look at his website for upcoming fun events.

All this is happening tonight from 5 – 8 pm, in the oceanview SeaVenture Restaurant. Complimentary wine tasting and music. Stay for dinner, enjoy the sunset and start your weekend off right.

Vina Robles and Frank Lucio reignite Friday Wine Nights

POSTED ON February 10th, 2010 - by lauren

This Friday, February 12th kicks off our Friday Wine Nights. This was a huge success through the late summer and fall and we are looking forward to branching out to many other local area wineries, so look forward to exciting things to be happening. Vina Robles will be pouring this Friday. They are a Paso Robles winery, in a beautiful oak studded location directly off of Highway 46 East.

A little something from their website in regards to their wines: The wines reflect the terroir that is Paso Robles, the warm climate delivering rich, sweet fruit with ripe rounded tannins. Vina Robles wines are modern, emphasizing fruit intensity, balance and accessibility. Lush and seductive upon release, they will hold well for a number of years and will continue to develop complexity with cellaring.

Frank Lucio, a local saxophonist will be playing to add atmosphere to your wine sipping. The event takes place from 5 pm – 8 pm and is a free event that includes 3 tasting tickets per attendee. There is really no other way to start off the Valentine’s Weekend better. Take your Sweetheart out for a sunset at the beach, sip Vina Robles wine, maybe even completely treat your taste buds with dinner at the SeaVenture Restaurant. It should be a splendid evening.

TravelRoads.Com Writes Article on SeaVenture Resort

POSTED ON February 5th, 2010 - by lauren

It is always wonderful when a travel writer makes it to your resort and is able to truly experience everything the resort is able to offer to its guests. Sometimes travel writers are unable to make it to a property to have a personal experience. What other way than experiencing it for yourself, is a better way to convey your message to your audience? In December, we had the pleasure of accommodating Charlene Mixa, and author for She was kind enough to complete this article id_2034 and post it for us. We wanted to share her take on the resort and the surrounding Pismo Beach area. Hopefully you can all make it to have your very own personal experience to share with family, friends and the like. Hope to see you soon to experience all that Pismo Beach has to offer.

Celebrating with Wine Month Fridays…all September long.

POSTED ON September 8th, 2009 - by lauren

SeaVenture Resort is celebrating California’s Wine Month with Wine Month Fridays and this past Friday’s kick off was a wonderful success. Every Friday in September, local wineries will be pouring complimentary tastings from 5:30 – 7:30 and we have local live music from 5:30 – 8:30 pm.

The weather could not have been more perfect, and about fifty guests came out to indulge on Tolosa Winery pouring tastes of some of their most perfect creations. Local to SeaVenture’s music scene, Tim Jackson rocked the deck overlooking Pismo Beach. Many guests stayed on for dinner as well, and took the opportunity to watch the sunset over the Pacific.

Wine Month Fridays continue, with Wolff Winery and CT and Tommy Lee this Friday, September 11th, Chamisal/Domaine Alfred with Louie Ortega on September 18th and Wood Winery with Tim Jackson back for a second time on September 25th.

Come enjoy with us, the sun, good sips and live music….and all for free. Hope to see you all the next go around.

Counting down to the 4th!

POSTED ON July 2nd, 2009 - by lauren

Just two more days till the famous Pismo Beach festivities take place again. People come from far and near to crowd the beach in front of the SeaVenture Resort on 4th of July. There is something about planting yourself in the sand for the whole day and as night falls upon the beach being able to relax and look up at the fireworks shooting up over your head from off the pier. What could be more American?

The restaurant is pretty well booked with about 120 covers for the evening, probably the best place on the Central Coast to watch the fireworks show, with our full ocean view glass windows that look out to it all and the two terraces to enjoy a drink and take it all in.

We are now officially in the 7th month of the year, 2009 is officially half way over, and even though it may seem like a rough year for some, I think we are all proud to call ourselves Americans and have the luxury to lay in the sand, enjoy our day with friends and family and look back at all the wonderful things that we do have in our lives.

Happy 4th of July!

Marching Forward…

POSTED ON November 25th, 2008 - by admin

Here are the SeaVenture we are looking forward to the early time change this year, this Sunday, March 8th! Spring feels like it is just around the corner… all the hills surrounding Pismo Beach are a beautiful shade of green from our most recents rains and all the blossoms are starting to pop, the beach looks like it has been freshly bathed and we are all just itching for longer days! Come enjoy one of those later sunsets and stop in to dine of the incredible Spring Savings menu. Two and Three Course meals starting at $28! Hope to see you here soon to enjoy our ocean views!

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