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Beyond Wine and Waves

Wine, Waves and Beyond is the premier surfing lifestyle event on the Central Coast. Awesome wine, beer, food, surfing and kick back beach lounging you can get.

Celebrating Romance Never Gets Old

Saint Valentine’s Day is more than an excuse to buy chocolate. It’s a reminder to cherish the one you love.  Happy Valentine’s Day from SeaVenture.

Can You Get Wine without Water?

Well, “no” is the simple answer. In most of California, you need drip irrigation or some other form of irrigation to supplement rainfall. But with our historic drought in California, maybe the better question is “can you get wine with less water?” This question really matters if you love your California wines. If the drought… Read more »

Save This Wine Event Calendar

As we are writing this, a lot of lucky people are descending on Paso Robles wine country for the Vintage Paso – Zinfandel celebration (March 20 – 22), and we are too late to let you know!    That’s our bad, and we are sorry for it. Why?  Because Pismo Beach + SLO winemakers give you… Read more »

And Yet We Need More Wine Grapes!

Can you imagine 243,000 tons of wine grapes? How many football fields the pile would cover? Well, according to the San Luis Obispo Tribune, that’s how many wine grapes were harvested in the Central Coast district of California in 2013, including Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara counties. Let’s convert that to liquid, since… Read more »

Free Farm and Fish Fun

Only constructive f-words are allowed in this blog, and today we have at least three of them: Farm, Fish and Free. Using these 3 words and a little of your own planning, you can make a wonderful Friday afternoon getaway for fun, or find a local farmers’ market most days of the week. Here’s the… Read more »

Central Coast Wine Stars in this Classic

Do good by drinking wine. What could be better? You can actually achieve this version of Nirvana here in San Luis Obispo in mid-July at the Central Coast Wine Classic. Let us explain. We here in San Luis Obispo County talk a lot about “central coast wine” and sort of assume that everybody knows what… Read more »

Parisian Party Paradise

Being that I plan parties and events for a living, you would think I would be biting at the bit to throw my 10 year old daughter a birthday that would blow her mind.  To be honest, in our family, birthdays are usually more about having an experience involving going somewhere instead of an actual… Read more »

Getting Out More – My Paso Backyard


I need to get out more. That is one of my resolutions this year, to get out in to my own backyard. I live in North County, work in South County. Lucky duck one might say. Yes, it is true. I like to call it best of both worlds, as I make the daily drive… Read more »

Where the Pacific Meets Wine Country


Do you ever play Jeopardy?  OK, here’s one for you:  A charming California beach town that has world-class wineries just minutes away. The question is: What is Pismo Beach? You will not find this in Sonoma or Napa.  You can get up (at a leisurely hour if you want), step out the door, and take… Read more »