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Kiteboarding Rocks the Central Coast

Kiteboarding is the ultimate thrill in ocean sports, athletic, fast and awesome. Visit SeaVenture April 15 through 17, 2016 to see expert demos of skill and gear.

Ride the Romantic Rails to Pismo

Clickity-clack over the rails, countryside sliding by. Riding Amtrak from LA to Grover Beach, you can watch the scenery, or you can read, or get up and go to the dining car for a snack. Maybe you’ll meet someone interesting. Whatever you do, the engineer is driving and there’s nobody in the cramped seat ahead… Read more »

Celebrating Romance Never Gets Old

Saint Valentine’s Day is more than an excuse to buy chocolate. It’s a reminder to cherish the one you love.  Happy Valentine’s Day from SeaVenture.

Wet and Wild El Nino, 2016 Version

El Nino 2016 actually appeared. We have had rain! The hills are turning emerald green almost before your eyes, and their echo of the hills of Ireland is only missing the stone fences. This is the favorite time of year of most people who live in San Luis Obispo County. It’s the time we are… Read more »

Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes: A Perfect Day Trip South of Pismo

Have you been to Pismo? We have lots of guests who have stayed with us over and over again, and many of them still don’t know about the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes complex (aka, the Dunes). They are missing something special. The Dunes complex is an area of almost 22,000 acres that is mostly in a land… Read more »

Welcome to the Clambake

We’ve all heard the bad guy tell his nervous partner to “clam up.” Or have someone tell us that a cold, damp place has a “clammy” feeling. You might think this is all giving clams a bad name, but then there’s the old saying that someone is “happy as a clam.” Though I guess you… Read more »

Surfing Wind and Waves in Pismo

Surfing is in the lifeblood of California culture, and in the bloodstream of a lot of CA citizens. Seems like California kids (boys and girls) get on a surfboard from the moment they can do the breaststroke, and stay at it until the knees totally quit (I mean, there are some really old surfers who… Read more »

Can You Get Wine without Water?

Well, “no” is the simple answer. In most of California, you need drip irrigation or some other form of irrigation to supplement rainfall. But with our historic drought in California, maybe the better question is “can you get wine with less water?” This question really matters if you love your California wines. If the drought… Read more »

Save This Wine Event Calendar

As we are writing this, a lot of lucky people are descending on Paso Robles wine country for the Vintage Paso – Zinfandel celebration (March 20 – 22), and we are too late to let you know!    That’s our bad, and we are sorry for it. Why?  Because Pismo Beach + SLO winemakers give you… Read more »