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Alert! There’s A Dinosaur at Your Birdfeeder!

Can you believe this? That Townsend’s warbler feasting  at your backyard feeder is a direct descendants of dinosaurs. Really. Our thoughts sometimes turn to birds and nature this time of year because San Luis Obispo County is the destination for lots of migratory species. They like our winter weather as much as we do. It… Read more »

Is New Year’s Just an Excuse for a Party?

Here’s the key point:  New Year’s Day is an arbitrary date.  Someone had to choose it, and make it stick.  Now, January 1 is our tradition, and it’s hard to think of anything else.  But it wasn’t always so. When you think about it, any first day of any month could start the New Year. … Read more »

Holiday Treats in SLO South County

One of the nicest things about the holidays is that everyone is welcome. The time brings out the best in us, when giving truly is more important than receiving. There’s also a lot of community activities that we share to celebrate the season. Here in South County, we have a wide variety of fun festivities,… Read more »

Summer Breeze Makes You Feel Fine — In November

Locals often refer to fall on the Central Coast as summer. They are not really right, of course, but they aren’t wrong either. Today (November 7th) in Pismo has a high of 79 degrees compared with a normal November high of 69, and yesterday was 82, with sun splashing over everything. It may say ‘fall’… Read more »

Pismo Founder’s House Found

The heading of this post is a bit misleading, because the 1893 home of John and Andrea Price wasn’t really lost, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you, right? Anyhow, the house, other structures, and the grounds are a living legacy of the early days of Pismo Beach, and one of the… Read more »

Pismo Preserve Nearing Completion

The Pismo Preserve sounds like a development, in this case it’s just the opposite. The Pismo Preserve is what will happen if the County of San Luis Obispo ponies up $400k to complete the purchase of a 900-acre cattle ranch overlooking Pismo Beach. If the deal goes through, there will be no development as usual on the site.

How to Tame the “Dog Days of Summer”

Those of you who are antiquities majors already know this, but for the rest of us it may surprise that the “dog days of summer” goes back to Greek and Roman times. They associated the hot, humid days of July and August with the rise of Sirius, the dog star, during that same time. The… Read more »

And Yet We Need More Wine Grapes!

Can you imagine 243,000 tons of wine grapes? How many football fields the pile would cover? Well, according to the San Luis Obispo Tribune, that’s how many wine grapes were harvested in the Central Coast district of California in 2013, including Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara counties. Let’s convert that to liquid, since… Read more »

Free Farm and Fish Fun

Only constructive f-words are allowed in this blog, and today we have at least three of them: Farm, Fish and Free. Using these 3 words and a little of your own planning, you can make a wonderful Friday afternoon getaway for fun, or find a local farmers’ market most days of the week. Here’s the… Read more »

Central Coast Wine Stars in this Classic

Do good by drinking wine. What could be better? You can actually achieve this version of Nirvana here in San Luis Obispo in mid-July at the Central Coast Wine Classic. Let us explain. We here in San Luis Obispo County talk a lot about “central coast wine” and sort of assume that everybody knows what… Read more »