Pismo Beach Massage Center

Escape, Relax, Rejuvenate
Focused on healing, relaxation, and stress relief, SeaVenture’s Pismo Beach massage center offers individual and couples treatments daily from 9am to 9pm and provides a variety of massages and body treatments to meet your every wellness need.


Swedish Massage

Experience muscle ache and tension relief, increased flexibility, and enhanced circulation with this special massage technique designed to gently stimulate your muscles.

  • 55 min. for $85
  • 80 min. for $115

Aromatherapy Massage

Target your need for relaxation, stress relief, muscle comfort, and enhanced balance. High quality blended essential oils will nurture your body and provide a pleasing olfactory treat to stimulate the limbic brain for deep relaxation.

  • 55 min. for $95
  • 80 min. for $125

Deep Tissue Massage

Be immersed in a sense of calm and wellbeing. Compression strokes focus on your chronic tension and muscle constriction facilitating muscular release and deep relaxation.

  • 55 min. for $100
  • 80 min. for $130

Hand and Foot Treatment

Your feet, hands, and arms will soak in the nurturing benefits of an essential oil massage followed by a hot towel treatment that will soften and moisturize. Complete your treatment with a very relaxing herbal moisturizing cream and light corn silk powder.

  • 25 min. for $70
  • 55 min. for $90

Body Treatments

Dry Brush Exfoliation

Leave your skin feeling softened and renewed with this gentle yet thorough brushing followed by an essential oil spritz and herbal moisturizing cream.

  • 25 min. for $70

Sea Salt Body Scrub

Leave your skin toned, glowing, and stimulated with a special blend of sea salts and aromatherapy oils that gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

  • 55 min. for $90

Essential Oils Face Wrap and Hand Massage

Your face will thank you with this ultimate treatment of hot chamomile towel wraps followed by a gentle cleansing and facial massage. The experience comes complete with a relaxing aromatherapy hand massage during the session.

Purifying Seaweed Wrap

Eliminate toxins and impurities while relaxing your muscles and softening your skin with this brief dry brushing and organic seaweed wrap.

  • 80 min. for $130


Sea Salt Body Scrub & Aromatherapy Massage

Relaxation for your body and mind. Gentle exfoliation prepares your skin to best receive the benefits of aromatherapy and massage.

  • 80 min. for $130

Detox Seaweed Wrap & Aromatherapy Massage

Receive the ultimate in detoxification and relaxation. This combination will leave you refreshed and balanced.

  • 2 hours for $180

Deluxe Sea Spa Package

Indulge in the pinnacle of pampering with a brief dry brush exfoliation followed by a detox seaweed wrap, an aromatherapy mini-facial and an aromatherapy massage.

  • 3 hours for $265

Couples Massage and Body Therapy

Share a massage or body treatment side by side in our treatment room for sincere relaxation and romance. A 24 hour notice is required with a minimum 1 hour massage or treatment.

*Upgrade any treatment to deep tissue pressure for an additional $15

General Massage Center Information

Reservations required
Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to treatments will be charged 50% of treatment price. No shows will be charged full price. Hours of service are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm daily and may vary according to season. Please be prepared to sign our medical release waiver at the time of your scheduled treatment. If you are pregnant, please inform the Guest Services Agent who schedules your appointment.