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Catch A Wave with AmpSurf

There must be something magic about surfing, healing and fulfilling. We know so many people who have made surfing one of the most important parts of their lifestyle and they keep it forever. It’s more than just an athletic activity.

Now, thanks to Ampsurf, disabled Americans, veterans and others, can make surfing part of their lifestyle, too. Ampsurf instructors can help disabled people (whatever the disability) get in the water to learn the rewards and personal fulfillment of surfing.

Ampsurf Has a Mission

Ampsurf is an unusual organization. It’s a non-profit (a 501 c3) driven by volunteers and small tax deductable donations from ordinary people and sponsors, based in San Luis Obispo. It has a narrow, focused mission:

We are a Non-Profit Organization made up of amputees, veterans and friends and family of the disabled. We want to promote,inspire, educate and rehabilitate people with disabilities, especially our veteran heroes, through adaptive surfing and fun safe outdoor activities all can participate in.

It will do your heart good to take a look at Ampsurf. We could use more organizations like this.

You Can Help

SeaVenture supports Ampsurf as a sponsor Ampsurf both as a resort hotel and as part of the Boutique Hotel Group.

There’s lots of ways you can help too. Of course, you can donate directly on their website, or you can sign up as a volunteer to help with events or as an instructor (are you one of those lucky people who surf?). You can even buy apparel on their website.

Wine and Waves DO Mix in this Event

We are offering another great way to participate in Ampsurf by combining it with the outstanding Wine Waves and Beyond event in Pismo Beach. This very limited special includes two tickets to Wine, Waves & Beyond, with the proceeds benefitting Ampsurf. Treat yourself and help a great group of people at the same time.


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