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Egg on Your Equinox

It all started in 1945 when a reporter for Life Magazine wrote about an ancient Chinese ritual in which one could balance an egg on one end. Supposedly, with no scientific support, you could balance a raw egg on one end on the Spring Equinox.  Supposedly, the pull of gravity is more equal on this day, either March 20th or 21st, since the sun is more directly overhead.

Well, that didn’t fly, being that the Chinese celebrate the Spring Equinox almost a month earlier!
But, the myth prevailed and New Yorkers went into a crazy balancing act, both in 1983 and a year later as well.  First showing up in small numbers of 100 and next it grew to 5,000 official persons in this so called balancing act.

Egg balancing and all put aside, don’t end up with egg on your face spreading this rumor and myth. There is no scientific evidence that suggest you will be able to perform this feit on this day, and if you do, it is just as likely to do so any other day of the year as well.

For today, the facts are that the sunrise and sunset are about 12 hours apart, everywhere on Earth. The sun also sits directly above the equator on its trip Northward, as the Earth rotates around the Sun, the Northern Hemisphere tilts more towards that splendid sun and we break into warmer and longer days, budding flowers and our way towards summer.

So enjoy this long day, and you know you want to at least try it…. yes, that egg balancing thing.  Let us know how it goes.

Happy Spring!


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