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Pismo Founder’s House Found

The heading of this post is a bit misleading, because the 1893 home of John and Andrea Price wasn’t really lost, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you, right? Anyhow, the house, other structures, and the grounds are a living legacy of the early days of Pismo Beach, and one of the great things to do when you’re in town.

Pismo Beach Price Anniversary HouseThe house is actually called the Price Anniversary House because the Prices moved into it to celebrate their 49th anniversary (that was a time when making it to your 50th was really unusual because most people didn’t live long enough—John Price lived from 1810 to 1902!). It was a large and ornate house for the time, suitable for the leading citizens of the area. Over time it was enlarged to have 3 bedrooms and an indoor toilet.

John Michael Price purchased part of the Rancho Pismo from Isaac Sparks in 1850, a few years after he married Andrea. The original Rancho was descended from a Mexican land grant that was originally over 8,800 acres and included the land that is now Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach. John Price’s portion covered Shell Beach and Pismo with Price Canyon.

So it’s no accident that you see “Price-this” and “Price-that” all over Pismo Beach. John Price began to develop Pismo not long after he took it over, adding the first hotel, laying out streets, and inviting people to relocate to beautiful “Pismo Surf Landing” or “Pizmo Beach” or whatever (we don’t know for sure when the name stabilized as “Pismo Beach”). Almost from the beginning of Price’s time in Pismo, the area was prized as a tourist destination.

Thanks to the Friends of Price House, Inc., the Price Anniversary House, the Meherin House, and other historical treasures are being restored and preserved. You can read more about the group and its work at its website.

And then when you visit Pismo, you can go see the house for yourself. The map below shows how easy it is (the SeaVenture is on the ocean at the lower left boundry of the image, just minutes from the Price House).

Location of Price Anniversary House

Location of Price Anniversary House



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