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Save This Wine Event Calendar

As we are writing this, a lot of lucky people are descending on Paso Robles wine country for the Vintage Paso – Zinfandel celebration (March 20 – 22), and we are too late to let you know!    white-wine-cheeseThat’s our bad, and we are sorry for it.

Why?  Because Pismo Beach + SLO winemakers give you the best of California in one sweet package:  wine and waves right next to each other. If you like Zin (and most people we know do!), last weekend was a perfect time for you to search out that perfect Zin during the day, and watch the sun dip into the ocean while enjoying it on your deck at the SeaVenture.

To make sure you don’t miss any more of these major wine events in San Luis Obispo County, this post includes a calendar with a brief description of each event. Bookmark it, or copy the page into a doc you can keep on your desktop, or put the events into your own calendar. Reserve your room at the SeaVenture early because these events are popular.

April 1 – May 3:  Roll out the barrels.  The only festival to have events over a full month, Roll Out the Barrels has been showcasing southern San Luis Obispo wines for 25 years. During the month, you will find a variety of special tastings, dinners, and wine-food pairings, dotted all over the area south of San Luis Obispo.  Many of these are 20 minutes from the SeaVenture.

hanging-grapes-2April 29 – May 3: Wine, Waves, & Beyond:  A surf-inspired wine event held in the heart of wine to waves territory in Pismo, Avila Beach and San Luis Obispo. Enjoy 5 fun-packed days with surfing, movies, wine tasting, golf and a generally laid back surf culture vibe.

May 14 – 17: Paso Robles Wine Festival. The third weekend in May sees the biggest wine event of the year for the Paso Robles wine region, the 33rd annual Wine Festival. Many winemakers in the region put on special dinners beginning Thursday, May 14, and special events continue throughout the long weekend.

September 24 – 27:  Sunset Savor the Central Coast. A relatively new event in San Luis Obispo County, this Sunsetsavor_logo_225 magazine-sponsored event brings together the best in food and wine over a long weekend in late September. Guest celebrity chefs do demos, and both wineries and restaurants vie to tickle your taste buds with world-class cuisine.

October 16 – 18:  Harvest Wine Weekend. Harvest time is always a delicious time in Paso Robles, with the wonderful fall weather blending perfectly with the seasonal victory of hauling in another crop of premium Paso grapes. This is the time to relax from your labors and enjoy the rewards. Dinners, library tastings, food pairings, and live music create a party you won’t want to miss.

November 6 – 8:  Harvest on the Coast.  The last grand event of our wine calendar, the centerpiece is a Grand Tasting and Auction on Saturday, November 7.  This event is outdoors, and features an extensive menu of live music and local artists to round out the wine culture rooted in the vintage.

In between these major events, you will find smaller dinners or pairings at one of the nearly 300 winemakers in SLO all throughout the year. Take advantage of the links in this calendar to begin exploring your options, and always include SeaVenture as the place to rest your head.  Wine tasting in the daytime, waves breaking on the beach at night.  It’s a beautiful combination.


Lauren is a lover of events, the great outdoors, wine, food, friends, and family. With 12 years of wedding experience, she offers helpful insights and pointers for weddings and special events. As a San Luis Obispo local, her tips come from first-hand experience of the beautiful Central Coast.

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