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Kiteboarding Rocks the Central Coast


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eXtreme sport! This is not your laid back Pismo beach vibe. The kiteboarders who participate in KiteXpo off the Pismo pier April 15 through 17 will definitely bring high energy and not much concern about risk.

The KiteXpo is an annual event in Pismo that brings a perfect match between our long, wide clean beach (easy access to ocean!) and spring breezes from the Northwest. The event is open to kiteboarders who have intermediate or higher skill (can do basic tricks and self rescue at least), with registration beginning 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday and continuing into the weekend.

This is going to be a great weekend for watching


A Kite Safari

as well as doing. These great boarders will be demonstrating kites and gear most of Saturday and Sunday, and there will be plenty of chances for you to get your hands on it, too (at least to look!). The riders make it look easy to do amazing things, but you can start slow and easy with a good teacher, and someday, who knows? Maybe you will fly on a board, too.


A Liquid Force Kiteboard

A Liquid Force Kiteboard

Kiteboarding is an incredible mix of surfing, hang gliding, and flying a kite. Imagine this: you fly a very large kite that is shaped like a para-wing holding a strong bar connected to the kite by cables while riding on a small surfboard (the kiteboard). Your feet are held to the board by rubber booties until you learn to get air and grab the board away with your hand. That will take a while.

The kite catches the wind and pulls you flat on your face…unless you resist its pressure by leaning back and letting the edge of the board carve into the water. Kiteboarders use the wave action to take off into air where the kite is still pulling, and then do their acrobatics. The landing is like the start: unless you are providing resistance to the pull by leaning back, you’re on your face again.

Sound fun? Believe me, anything that looks as great as this has to be fun. Just start slowly, and build your skill.

If you don’t want to fly waves, you will still have a great time looking at the athletes who do. Get a close up of it in Pismo, mid-April.

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