Pismo Beach Restaurant

Ocean Views Meet Coastal Cuisine

Gracing the third floor of the SeaVenture Beach Hotel is a restaurant that will delight your senses. The panoramic views from large picture windows and outdoor decks include breathtaking sunsets and the pristine Pacific Ocean.

And if the views weren’t enough, in walks Chef Eddie Ruiz and his contemporary coastal cuisine inspired by the surrounding local wine country. Delight in his seasonal menus that are carefully prepared based on locally farmed produce, premium meats, and the highest quality fresh fish and seafood. Complement your meal with carefully-selected local wines including Edna Valley’s cool crisp Chardonnays and classic Pinot Noirs and Paso Robles’ peppery Zinfandels and bold Cabernets. Every palate is sure to be delighted.

We are currently serving in our main dining room and our outdoor patios:

  • 4-9 pm Monday – Friday
  • 9 am -9 pm Saturday and Sunday

 To place a To-Go order or make a reservation call (805)773-3463

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Eddie Ruiz - Executive Chef

Chef Eddie Ruiz, is a culinary virtuoso known for his exceptional skills and unwavering passion for creating exquisite flavors. Beyond his culinary expertise, he finds joy in diverse hobbies such as listening to vinyl records, watching movies, and indulging in the world of remote-control cars.

Growing up in Nipomo, Chef Eddie's love for cooking was nurtured by his beloved grandmother, Marcelina. Spending his childhood on a strawberry ranch, Chef Eddie was inspired by her grandmother's dedication to natural and organic foods, long before it became popular. Marcelina's influence instilled a deep appreciation for the simple yet delicious dishes made from fresh, homegrown ingredients. Marcelina's unwavering commitment to natural and organic foods, left an indelible mark on Chef Eddie's culinary philosophy. She emphasized gratitude, reminding him to cherish each day and be thankful for life's blessings. Together, they would harvest from Marcelina's garden, and she would prepare an array of simple yet mouthwatering dishes such as soft-boiled eggs, homemade flour tortillas, breakfast burritos, pozole, tamales, chicken noodle soup with house-made noodles, rice pudding, and refreshing strawberry agua fresca.

When creating new menus, Chef Eddie follows the wisdom of renowned chef Marco Pierre White, who believes that “mother nature is the true artist”. This philosophy humbles Chef Eddie, reminding him that chefs are merely conduits to showcase the natural brilliance of ingredients. By allowing freshness and quality to shine, rather than overthinking or overworking dishes, he ensures that the menu exudes an authentic and vibrant appeal.

House-made pasta holds a special place in Chef Eddie's heart as his favorite ingredient to work with. The simplicity of combining flour and eggs becomes a canvas for endless creativity. The process of making pasta by hand adds a sense of involvement and artistry, enabling Chef Eddie to explore various flavors, shapes, and textures.

Chef Eddie Ruiz's journey in the culinary realm beautifully intertwines his deep-rooted connection to his grandmother's teachings, his appreciation for nature's artistry, and his boundless creativity in the kitchen. 

Simon Kovesdi - Food and Beverage Director

Born and raised in Bournemouth, England, Simon grew up in a small, family-run hotel and restaurant, helping his parents assist guests from a young age.

Growing up in the hospitality industry, he went on to earn an associate’s degree in Hotel Catering from Lansdowne College.

Wanting to travel and see the world, Simon joined Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and worked on the Monarch of the Seas for three years in the Western Caribbean.

After meeting, Rachel, his soon to be wife, Simon relocated to Washington, D.C. and worked as Head Waiter at one of the most renown restaurants in the District, the historic Morrison Clark Inn.

After three years, Simon moved into management, joining “La Madeline” French Bakery and Restaurant.

Two years later, after much searching, Simon and Rachel, discovered the beautiful Central Coast and decided it was their dream destination to raise their family.

Simon was hired as Restaurant Manager of the SeaVenture Hotel in October 1999 and has been there even since. Over the years, his role has expanded to include banquets and events, culminating in his current role as Food and Beverage Director.

Under Simon’s guidance and working with some of the area’s top chefs, the SeaVenture has evolved to become one of the premier restaurants on the Central Coast.

With a focus on local wine, beer and cocktails, along with inspired recipes using local ingredients, the SeaVenture offers something for every palate.

In his spare time, Simon is an avid football (soccer) fan, both as a player and spectator.