Chef Casey

Chef Casey WalcottChef Everett “Casey” Walcott started humbly as a dishwasher at the celebrated Bistro Laurent in Paso Robles, California. At a time when new vineyards seemed to spring up by the minute, this young chef was captivated by the Central Coast’s local wine country and farm-fresh take on classical culinary methods.

After growing in skill and responsibility for wine country cuisine at the Bistro, his passion and creativity led him to hold key roles at various restaurants and entrepreneurial ventures in San Luis Obispo County.

With impressive local industry knowledge and relationships, Chef Walcott channels his culinary talent into SeaVenture Hotel restaurant’s seasonal and coastal inspired cuisine.

“When I design a plate, I attempt to accentuate the kitchen’s compassion for the diner’s experience: from the quality of ingredients and presentation to the service and ambiance of the venue,” states Walcott.

When he is not delighting guests (and staff!) with his latest creation, you can find Walcott enjoying the company of his two children in his hometown of Paso Robles.

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