Nature Activities

Pismo Beach offers a wide range of inspiring nature activities for kids and adults. Nature is at home in Pismo Beach so walk, ride or paddle to beautiful outdoor treasures.

Monarch Butterflies

Take a short trip south from SeaVenture on Highway 1 to the southern boundary of Pismo Beach, just past downtown, where you will find the famous Monarch Grove whose eucalyptus trees provide a temporary home to millions of migrating Monarch butterflies each winter. Read more about Monarch Butterfly Grove here.


If you enjoy the thrill of sportfishing, you will delight in the numerous opportunities to brave the ocean waters. Patriot’s Sportfishing in Avila Beach and Virg’s Landing in Morro Bay both offer sportfishing trips and private charters for your convenience.

Whale Watching

The Great Gray Whale migration is one of the most amazing sights Pismo Beach has to offer. Thousands of these whales make the journey from the Alaskan waters to the Mexican coast and back during the winter months. As the population of these protected animals has steadily been on the rise, so have the whale sightings. You can sight these glorious creatures from the Pismo Beach Pier or brave a whale watching expedition for an up close and personal experience brought to you by Patriot’s Sportfishing in Avila Beach.


San Luis Obispo is considered one of the top ten birding sites in the country according to the Audubon Society. The Morro Bay Estuary is one of the largest unspoiled coastal marshes in the state and is one of the major stopping points in bird migration attracting over 200 species of native and migrating birds including loons, cormorants, herons and pelicans.

Visit Morro Rock to see nesting and hunting Peregrine Falcons, once on the verge of extinction.

Marine Life

From tide pool inhabitants and sea otters to elephant seals and migrating whales, locals and tourists alike love to be captivated by the nature of Pismo Beach. The threatened California sea otter makes its home from Pismo Beach to Morro Bay and can often be seen floating among the kelp beds just beyond the breakers.

Tide-pooling in Montana de Oro State Park is a delight for children and adults alike. A quick one-mile walk down Dune Trail to Hazard Canyon Reef will bring you to engaging tide pools where you can explore the abundance of sea life.

The Elephant seals of the Piedras Blancas rookery are an amazing sight. Located just seven miles north of San Simeon on Highway 1, the rookery is home to Elephant seals as they birth, breed, molt and rest. From December through March you can be amazed by watching these enormous animals, some weighing more than a small car, birthing, raising pups and fighting for territory in California’s largest mainland rookery.

And if you do not want to go far to enjoy the beautiful marine life of Pismo Beach, just take a short walk to the Pismo Pier from SeaVenture and take in the extraordinary views.

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